A Manufacturing Partner to the World’s Largest Retailers and Brands
A global Leader in private label and control label contract pharmaceutical manufacturer of nano-bio'derm, vitamins, dietary supplements, cosmetic, health and beauty care products
Bayrouti Laboratories a global Leader in private label and control label contract pharmaceutical manufacturer providing quality of dietary supplements, vitamins, health and beauty care products with formidable penetration and distribution in North American marketplace. Bayrouti Laboratories also services customers throughout Central and South America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and now in the Middle East. 

Private Label Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, Health and Beauty Care Products
A premium developer of private label dietary supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, health and beauty care products, offering complete product categories, which have been designed to compete equivalently with the most popular global brands, all at a value costing necessary to a successful private label strategy. 

Bayrouti Laboratories Development Team is widely regarded as the industry's finest, having compiled a complete library of independently tested and fully National Brand Equivalent generics to all major National Brands of significance. In addition, Bayrouti Labs is responsible for developing proprietary products for its Specialty, Class, and Department Store Clients for whom we pave the way with unique and innovative programs. Our client list is comprised of Mass Merchant, Food, Drug and Specialty Accounts in North, Central and South America, Australia and Europe. 

Bayrouti Laboratories is proud to bring you cutting-edge formulations that rival the most advanced skin care on the market today. Our team of scientists carry a profound knowledge and expertise in the 3g Nano-biotechnology (3rd generation nanoparticles) in cosmetic and skin care products, with a deep commitment quality.

Bayrouti Laboratories a family of companies with 39 years of combined experience in producing  vitamins, dietary supplements, infant nutrition, health and  beauty care products, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial products. It has been Bayrouti Laboratories primary goal to be different from others in the field by embracing the forefront of current trends and innovation for quality products. 

We are an Industry leader in developing Private Label and Control Label Organic products in the following categories: 
Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, Nutritional Sport Supplements, Cosmetics, Halth and Beauty Care Products. 

Bayrouti Labs strives to reduce costs in order to maintain competitive pricing for our cherished clients. Bayrouti Labs provides a “One Stop Shop” - we can work with your formula, formulate any required product, or supply from our wide array of stock products, which can be customized to suit private label preferences and industry standards.   

It is with vigor and determination that we seek to remain the leading retailer-branded product development Company in the dietary supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, health and beauty care sector. To this end, Team Bayrouti Labs will continually strive to:

Empower and challenge each of our Colleagues to ensure that Bayrouti Labs is the strongest and most capable force within  our marketplace.

Provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for all Team Members. Offer our commitment, via our dedicated members, to make products which consistently exceed Client expectations for quality, service and value.

Provide our Clients with Industry leading ability to respond quickly to marketplace innovation, in product and package design, as well as branding and positioning. Collaborate with our strategic suppliers to create the very best value- added product and service offering for the benefit of our Client partnerships.

We at Bayrouti Labs acknowledge and appreciate our Cherished Clients, whose devotion and loyalty to the effort of developing superior quality and value for their marketplace, is the foundation of the successes we share.


Our lifestyles are sophisticated and stressful. We are living longer. As we live longer and as our stresses increase, the need for quality care products is a necessity. 

There is a heightened interest in the area of performance care. The market no longer seeks a low grade personal care product. All categories of health and beauty care including vitamins, infant nutrition, dietary supplement, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and  joint pain relief therapy are evolving to meet greater customer demands for high performance products.

We know that great results and exceptional services are what bring clients back again and again. Our products completely support our commitment to providing superb skin and body care. You'll be proud to place your company identity on our impressive array of state-of-the-art formulations. We conduct constant evaluation of our products performance in order to assure high quality and satisfaction.

Superior vitamin, supplement product development and service commitment are the hallmarks of successful programs currently enjoyed by consumers in fifteen countries on four separate continents.

We measure the quality, value and creativity of our products through the sales results and profit performance of our business partners. 

The progressive, innovative, and knowledgeable Retailer / Distributor is our best customer. The product packaging, logos and trademarks represented in pictures throughout this website may belong to customers of Bayrouti Laboratories. We acknowledge and appreciate our cherished customers whose dedication and loyalty to the effort of developing superior quality and value for their marketplace is the foundation of the success we share.

•FDA Licenses   •FDA OTC Products  •Organic Certification   •Proven Lab Support   •Natural Product Formulations   •Certified Organic Ingredients
•Manufacturing practices (cGMP)   •ATF registration and permit   •Inspection and full traceability of ingredients and components   •Regulatory compliance

•Rigorous in-process and finished product quality checks   •Certificates of Free Sale   •Certificates of Manufacture BSE  •Compliance with USP/CTFA 
•Free certification Verification of US, Japan, EU, and other foreign government compliant formulas and ingredients   •Microbiology Methods
•Experienced quality control and quality assurance staff   •Batch records QC testing